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What I see, I try.
What I hear, I live.
Some come to go, others to stay;
Some come and are forgotten, others change everything and rest always inside.
We are the ones whom we meet,
the ones whom we admire,
the ones whom we despise.
We become what we live - what is staying is only the impression of it. We become that impression.
The things that are changing us were always here, inside - only one touch to remember.
The rest, that are going, are flushing away what we were never, but we were told that we do.
An uniform doesn't tell anything about one - the inside is hidden.
Not merely a habit is saving that one - the ways and the reasons are showing.
One's words do speak about who he or she is, but words are not enough when we ask the big questions.

Holy Spirit not letting me sleep; even when I don't understand, it explains me in feelings.
So much it is telling, after I ask many to... shut up.
Words are nothing when I am lost - they just keep me more busy.
I am in a search, not because I have to, but because I enjoy searching.
I used to think my x... y, z have stolen from me much;
but I did.
And this fucking phone is even a bigger stealer.

Background music: Aikyo - Arabesque

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